Android 2.3 - 7 install guide

If you want to track a device with Android 2.3 - 7 Nougat operating system, please follow this step-by-step guide.

For Android 8 and 9 devices please check this Android 8 and 9 install guide

For Android 10 and 11 devices please check this Android 10 and 11 install guide

Android 2.3 - 7 Nougat install guide

1. Take the device you want to monitor in your hands and go to Settings -> select More Settings -> go to Security -> go to Unknown sources -> activate it.
2. Now go again in Settings -> go to Google Settings -> go to Security -> turn OFF "Scan device for Security threats".
Starting Android 7 This step is different: Go to Settings -> select Google -> select Security -> select Google Play Protect -> DISABLE it.

Now the preparations steps are done.

3. Open a browser on the target phone and type our URL address and go to Download page or go directly to download page and download our application on the phone.
4. Open the downloaded apk file and install the application.
5. Now after the install you'll be asked to create an account with an email address and a password. If this si not the first time you install the app on this device then you already have an account and the email address will be filled automatically. If you add a new device, please use the same email address so you'll have all your devices in one account.
6. Now you'll be asked to enter a name for the tracked phone. This is optional, you can leave the default name that is actually your device's exact model.
7. After the registration you still have to enable notifications and accessibility accesses in order to receive incoming and outgoing social media apps and browser logs. You can do these steps later but as soon as you fix it, as faster you'll receive such logs. After it you can check the warnings as well and exit. The App-Spy is installed and ready to use!
After a while you can log in to your account on our website to view all the logs. From the install moment you'll receive a FREE 3 days trial to test the app and learn how to use it.

If you want to prevent the unwanted application uninstall, you can enable the Administrator Rights. Just open the Dial Pad on your target phone and type the code: #123456# -> press the Call button -> select the option Request Administrator Rights and tap on the Activate button -> exit. Now the application can be uninstalled only with your account password.
NOTE: Starting Android 5 (and some devices 6) the app can be unistalled without the admin rights password even if this is enabled. This limitation is from Android operating system, not our application.

You probably have noticed during the install you have the option to enable the notification for App-Spy. We strongly recommend to do this especially starting Android 6 or if you notice the app frequently being blocked fully or some processes. By doing this, you'll make App-Spy to work in foreground so Android operating system will not kill its processes. Here is more information on how and why to enable notification for App-Spy

Starting Android 6 we also strongly recommend to follow few easy steps for your specific model in order to disable inbuilt task killers . All you need to do is to select your model and based on the Android version to follow few easy steps on the target device. By doing these steps you'll prevent App-Spy to be blocked.

NOTE: Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more information on Android please check the Android page.