How and why to enable notification for App-Spy

App-Spy is a tracking app so it will have many permissions in order to access your target device's data like social media, phone calls, GPS location, SMS logs and many more. Another important details is App-Spy works mostly in background in order to identify and extract all this data for you when is NOT open. On ALL devices with later Android versions (starting about version 5) there are many inbuilt task killers. What does that mean? That means battery saving apps. The newer your Android version, the more features it has. The more features it has, the most it will try to save the battery. On one hand this sounds good as even if we want performant smartphones, we want the battery to live as long as possible. The bad thing is these inbuilt task killers usually are killing apps that are working in background mostly. For some social media app maybe this makes sense, but imagine you set an alarm to catch a plane in the morning and you phone would not ring as the battery app killed the background alarm app. Not so fun anymore right? Sometimes such apps can kill only some processes not the whole app especially for a tracking app such as App-Spy.

To avoid the app's processes blocking or even killing you must to enable notification for App-Spy. When you enable notification for App-Spy you make its processes to work in foreground, not background anymore so it will not be a direct target of inbuilt task killers anymore. However, as newer the Android version as more task killers so except this we recommend to follow the steps to disable inbuilt task killers
App-Spy is not draining your target device's battery as its battery consumption is minimum.

How to enable the notification for App-Spy

Normally we recommend to enable notification for App-Spy even during the install. However, if you did not check the "Show notification" box then you can do it later. Here is how to enable notification for App-Spy:
1. Dial #12345678# and click on Call (green button) to open App-Spy;
2. Check the "Show notification" box;
3. Click on the "Accept" button;
4. Click on the "Exit" button;
5. Restart the device with internet ON to see the App-Spy in the notifications bar.

If you have too many notifications on your notifications bar or App-Spy notification is annoying you can take it off and still keep App-Spy in the foreground. Here is how to take off the notification:
- Go to "Settings";
- Go to "Apps and notifications";
- Tap on "see all xx apps";
- Search for "Backup" and tap on it;
- Go to "Notifications";
- Switch OFF “Show notifications”;
- You may need to restart the device with internet ON in order to not see the notification anymore in the notifications bar.

Even if you took off the notification from notifications bar you still did enable its processes in foreground so there are less chances for App-Spy to be interrupted by any inbuilt task killers.

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