Android 10 and 11 install guide

The installation process of App-Spy on Android 10 and 11 devices is quite similar with the previous Android version. However, we'll show you step-by-step the install guide for Android 10 and Android 11 devices.

If your target device is running on Android 2.3 - 7 then please check this Android 2.3 - 7 install guide
If your target device is running on Android 8 or Android 9 then please check this Android 8 and 9 install guide

Android 10 and 11 step-by-step install guide:

As on any other version of Android, you need to have the target device in your hands.
Now, you need to follow one preparation steps but very important especially on last Android versions such as 10 and 11.

ATTENTION: Before you download and install the App-Spy on the target phone you MUST disable Play Protect. Here is how:
- Go to Google Play app-> tap on the menu icon -> select Play Protect -> go to Play Protect's Settings icon in the right corner -> Switch OFF the "Scan all installed apps" -> Confirm your selection.

Now you can continue normally the install process: 1. In device's browser type and tap on "Enter";
2. Tap on the Download button on the home page;
3. Insert the CAPTCHA characters (please pay attention to upper or lower cases), check "Terms of service" (first read carefully all the Terms of service and after go back to continue the installation process), check "I confirm that I am at least 18 years old" and "I understand that the application must be used legally". Now tap on "Download";
4. Tap on "Open";
5. Tap on "Install";
6. This notification is about the install access from this source. You need to select "Settings" and to allow the install from this source by switching it ON.
7. Tap on "Open". All app permissions are switched ON by default. Please leave them ON if you want to receive ALL logs. Tap on "Continue".
8. This notification is regarding recording access. tap on "Start now".
9. This notification information is not valid anymore as App-Spy is compatible with Android 10 and 11 devices even if there are some Google limitations. Tap on "OK".
10. This notification is regarding background work access. This is very important to provide as App-Spy will work mostly in background. Tap on "Allow".
11. Now you are in the App-Spy menu. We recommend to enable App-Spy notification as this will prioritize its processes and will not get killed so easily by Android operating system (OS). If your target device has many notifications, you can disable the icon after the install (you'll have the steps at the end of this step-by-step guide). However, the foreground processes will be enabled, so please do enable notification for App-Spy. Tap on "accept - Next".
12. If this is a new device then please insert an real email address and password to register an account. If you already have an account, insert the same email address so you'll add the device to the existing account. If you don't install the app for the first time on this device then the email will be filled by default and you must insert only the password. Check "Accept Terms of service" and tap on "Log in"
13. Now you need to enable notification access in order to see all incoming messages from social media apps. Tap on "Notification settings" -> Find "Backup" (that is actually App-Spy on the device) and switch ON -> confirm by tapping on "Allow"
14. Now you need to give accessibility access in order to receive browser logs, outgoing social media messages and call recordings. Because of the call recordings this step is even more important on Android 10 and 11 devices so please make sure to do this: tap on "Accessibility settings" -> Find and tap on "App-Spy" or "Backup" -> Switch ON and confirm by tapping on "Allow".
15. Now you can check all the warnings and enable admin rights and app usage. Tap on "Check warnings". Please activate the admin rights even if the app can be uninstalled without the password on Android 10 and 11. On these Android versions accessibility access can be blocked and admin rights is preventing this. Also, on Android 11 you'll not receive pictures and call recordings at all if admin rights are OFF so this setting is not optional if you want these logs. After you did enable admin rights, tap on "App usage settings" -> tap on "Backup" and switch ON. The rest of warning you can read and disable or you can read and leave them as these are. This is up to you.
16. Tap on "Back".
17. Tap on "Start now" again for the recording notification (the same as previously).
18. Tap on "Exit".

App-Spy is now installed and ready to use. However, please check next after installations settings and tips to make sure App-Spy is working properly.

After installation tips and settings to make sure App-Spy is working without interruptions

During the install we sad to enable notification for App-Spy as this will start the app's processes in foreground so less chances to be blocked. However, if your target has many notifications and these are annoying you can take off the icon and the processes are already enabled in foreground.
Here is how to take off App-Spy from notifications bar: Go to device's Settings Tap on App & Notifications -> Tap on "Backup" (that is actually App-Spy) -> Tap on Notifications -> Uncheck the "Show notification" box -> tap on "ok". That's all, the notification will not be anymore in the notifications bar but the processes are still started.

Starting Android 10 the app icon will remain on the main screen after the install is over. However, if there are too many apps on the home screen you can easily take it off.
Here is how to take off the app's icon from the home screen: Press on the app's icon (Backup on the target device) and move to the upper right corner by holding your finger to the screen (keep pressing). When you'll just start to move it the word "Remove" will appear. When you take the icon to the "Remove" take your finger off and the app will not be anymore on the home screen. If you start moving the icon and the word "Remove" doesn't appear, then you must go to the left, on the first page where the remove option is (this is valid only for some device, most of them have the remove option on all home screen pages).

NOTE: Even if you remove the app's icon from the home screen and/or the app's notification from the notifications bar App-Spy will not become invisible or undetectable. App-Spy is not designed to be invisible or undetectable. We remind you that written permission may be needed from the target device's user if he/she is an adult (18 years old and over). We remind you that App-Spy must be used legally and responsibly. Please check your local laws for more details.

Android is made with more and more inbuilt task killers and most of them are targeting apps that are working in background and have many permissions such as App-Spy. On some models these inbuilt task killers are even more aggressive, so on Android 10 and 11 it is more important than ever to follow few simple steps in order to disable inbuilt task killers. All you need to do is to select your model from the menu and based on your Android version to follow all the available steps. As sooner after the install you do these steps, as better and without the interruptions it will work. If you model is missing then you need to follow steps from "II. Disable Doze Battery Optimization". For many issues the reason is usually in these inbuilt task killers or Play Protect, so following this step-by-step install guide will help you to prevent many issues.

Now you are really all set-up and ready to start your phone tracking. After a while you can check for logs by logging in on our website with your registered email and password.

NOTE:Android is a registered trademark of GOOGLE LLC. For more information on Android you can go to the Android page.