Why App-Spy is all you need

No matter your needs, App-Spy is the best solution for you. It is perfect as a parental control app, employee monitoring app or even backup your own smartphone to not lose data in case of theft or damages. With App-Spy you can to it all. App-Spy is an easy to use application for smartphone monitoring. You'll receive a FREE 3 days trial to test it out and of course our technicall support are 24/7 there for you!

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Track phone calls and call recordings

You'll be able to see all incoming and outgoing phone calls from the device the app is installed on with exact time and durration, contact name or phone number and GPS location where the call was made/received. More than this, you'll be able to listen to the actuall call conversation (now even on many device with Android 10 and 11!).

Text messages monitoring

By using App-Spy you'll be able to see all sent and received SMS and MMS messages with exact time as well as the GPS position and of course contact name or phone number. In case of MMS messages you'll be able to see any attached multimedia files (like pictures) as well.

Pictures spy

Pictures spy is a very important feature as it can say a lot about your kid or employee. You'll be able to see all pictures made, saved and received on the traget device with the name of the file (it will help you to understand where from the picture is), the date and exact time when the picture was taken or received and the GPS location.

GPS tracking

With App-Spy you'll know where your child is or if your employee is where he/she should be. You'll see the location on a map (for all logs and for each GPS log in detail) with the exact time and date for each GPS log. You'll receive GPS location for other basic logs as well, such as phone calls, text messages, or system logs.

Browser monitoring

Our app spy will help you to see all browser logs with the domain name and the date and time it was accessed. More than this, You have browser block functions that are perfect for parental control. You'll be able to control your kid's browsing by using block by keywords or by URL. All from a click distance on your account!

Social media applications spy

WhatsApp spy, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Tiktok, Zoom, Viber, Skype, Hangouts, KakaoTalk, VK, Telegram, Discord and many more social media apps to spy on. Everyone uses them especially now with lockdowns, work from home, and online school lessons. You can not avoid it so is better to check what your kids really stundying? App-Spy has a very big range of social media apps in its features lits and always is updating with new tendencies. No matter if you need it for Whatsapp spy or Facebook spy the most maiinstream social media pps worldwise, or maybe for some regional like WeChat, KakaoTalk or VK, to specific fields apps very handy for parents with teens like Discord. You'll be able to see all incoming and outgoing messages without ROOT, you'll see the date and time of each message and of course the contact from other side of the chat. Social media tracking includes messages and saved multimedia files such as pictures and videos. For calls and video calls you'll see only the date, starting time, durration and of course the contact name/number.

All about block features

App-Spy offers 3 block features: block app, block browser by URL address or by keywords and block phone number for SMS messages or/and phone calls. All 3 block features are very handy especially for parental control use. More than this, in case you kid tried to find a way and search whatever innapropiate content he'she wants, you always have the allerts feature to get notified. Block phone feature is very handy even for your own phone use in case you want to avoid a specific contact number, just block it.

Live Control with surroundings included

Live control means sending a command to the target device from your own account by using internet connection (internet commands) or by sending a SMS command with a specific word/expression using network connection (SMS commands). App-Spy has many Lice Control commands. These are easy to use and very handy for parents or business owners alike. Some commands will not work anymore on some Android versions due to Google limitations. However, the most wanted and used commands, Surroundings (Ambiental recording), is available on all Android versions on most of devices. Except surroundings there are GPS commands, wifi commands, mobile internet commands, alarm, contact list and many more. You can see the full list and Android version compatibility in your account when logged in in Live control section.

Many more

App-Spy has even more features to offer: contacts logs, calendar logs, system logs, applications usage logs, ringtone logs. We always improve our app for the needs of parents and employers keeping in mind to offer feasable and wide range features product. At App-Spy we are commited to offer the best to our customers. We beleave in our product so we offer a FREE 3 days trial for you to test it before buying, no card details asked, just see for yourself.

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