Frequently Asked Questions

For devices up to Android 8 (excluding) you need to enable first "Unknown sources" feature on the phone you want to track by going to Settings -> Security -> check Unknown Sources. After it disable Play Protect by going to Plat Store -> tap on right menu and find and select Play Protect -> find and select "Scan device for security threats" and uncheck it. After it disable Google Play Store app notification by going to device's Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Notifications -> unswitch it. After these 2 preparation steps you can download our app from our webiste, install it on the target device, follow all the steps including registering an account with your email address and a password and in a while you'll be able already to check for new logs. For a step-by-step install guide, including on Android versions, please check this article Install page
Starting Android 8 first preparation step (the "Unknown source" one) is a bit changed. It is integrated in the install process so you'll give unknown source access to the browser you are installing our app, not to the app itself. You have all the steps on the Install page

Unfortunately no.

App-Spy does not track phone numbers, it tracks devices. If you want to monitor a new device, install App-Spy on it . Please use the istall page for step-by-step guide on your specific Android version. Just keep in mind to use the same email address and passowrd for registration in order to have the new device on the same account. By doing this you'll have all your target device in one account - easy to use, easy to manage.

App-Spy can be uninstalled like any other app. Go to target phone's Settings -> Tap on "App and notifications" -> Find and select App-Spy -> tap on Uninstall.

In order to enable or disable Administrator right you need to dial the code #123456# on the target phone and press the call button. By donig this you'll enter the specific menu where you can enable or disable admin rights. Adming rights are useful on lower Anroid evrsions (up to Android 5) to prevent the unwanted unistall of the app. Unofrtunately, last Android versions are made for the phone user to have more control on the device so the app can be uninstalled even with admin rights enabled.

You can always reopen App-Spy by dialing the code #12345678# and then pressing the call button.

You can see all your logs by logging in to your account with your registered email address and password. Also, in your account, you have phone info, payment history, the option to open a ticket to write us regarding any question or/and issue related to App-Spy.

In order to delete the existing logs, you need to log in to our website -> go to Account section from the left side menu -> Go to Settings -> click on the Delete tab -> click on the Delete logs button to delete ALL logs for the specified phone. Please keep in mind that once you delete your logs we can not restore them, these are lost forever. This is why we always recommend to first save your wanted data on your computer and just after to delete your logs.

In order to save you data you need to save your log files on your computer by going to any page with text logs -> click on the Export tab -> choose the export file type between PDF and Excel -> save the file. This method is availabel only for text logs. For files such as pictures and audio files from call recordings and surroundings you must save each file one by one.

In order to remove a device from your account you mustlog in to our website -> select the Account section -> click on Settings -> Go to the Delete tab -> click the button called Delete Phone located at the right of the phone you want to delete. Please keep in mind that once the device was deleted, all data will be deleted as well. We can restore only devices but data once deleted is lost forever.

In case you forgot your password you just need to click on Recover Password. Now enter the email address you registered during the install and we will send you an email with a link to reset your password (Please check your spam box in case you don't receive the password reset email in short time). For more information, please check Password reset article

To change your email address you need to go to the Account section -> select Setting -> go to the Email change tab and type your new email address. Once you change your email addres you must use the new one for login or even to write to our technical support. This is why we always recommend to register an existing email address.

In case you want to delete your account, you need to log in to our website with your email and password -> go to Account section -> click on Settings -> Delete tab -> click on Delete account button. Please keep in mind that once you do this, all your data will be lost. We can restore only devices (without old logs) and accounts.

We offer a free 3 days trial for you to test the application. If you are happy with this you can buy a subscription. The price for 1 device / 1 year (full subscription) is $35.00.

You can buy a subscription form your account when logged in -> go to Account -> Make Payment -> click on Buy now. Select the phone for which you want to make the payment and proceed to checkout.

Every payment is automatically validated. In case your payment has not been validated, please forward us the confirmation email from your payment to support@app-spy.com so we can check and validate it.

We use one of the most trusted and secure payments system - Paypal.

Unfortunately you can't pay in cash directly to us. However, if you hvae a Paypal account, you have the option to add the money on this and pay with the PayPal account and not a credit/debit card.